Corporate Social Investment in Action

Tsebo Servco is committed to creating sustainable projects within the local communities we serve that leave a lasting legacy of development.

Providing the Knowledge and
Opportunities For Sustainable Farming

Tsebo Servco’s FaZenda Mizimo Farm Project aims to educate and train over 600 farmers and small growers in simple, effective and proven farming methods – directly benefitting more than 2000 family and community members in the process.

Participants learn what grows best in the soil type they have, how to generate organic fertilisers, the best methods for irrigation for different crops and soils, rotation of crops and much more.

Tsebo Servco has invested approximately USD 60 000 in the project for the initial setup, covering construction of a classroom, kitchen space for the preparation of lunches, kitchen equipment, desks, chairs, air conditioners and toilets. The most important element is the year on year on-going benefit of the project. New farming methods, mechanical courses for equipment and pump maintenance and lesson updates will all be part of an on-going process from this school.

The promotion of a productive farming environment promotes sustainability and, as a food and service company, this project is aligned with our core business and expertise. Conducted close to our operation in Tete, we ensure that the project runs efficiently, supporting the project from planting to pot by purchasing the end products for our business. Produce will be packaged off the farms and delivered to Tsebo Servco operations in the province through CB Farm Fresh, an organisation well known and respected in Tete. As Tsebo Servco grows in the region, the more produce we’ll use and the more the farmers will benefit.

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After months of careful planning, Tsebo Servco was proud to welcome His Excellency, President Guebuza to the official opening of the Fasenda Mizimo Farm Project in Tete Province.